This BTS Look at Ride with Norman Reedus Proves the Walking Dead Star Is Having Way Too Much Fun

“I can’t believe AMC’s letting me do this.”

Neither can we, Norman Reedus. Neither can we.

In this BTS look at the making of his hit travel docu-series series Ride with Norman Reedus, now in its second season, one of the most marketable stars of the network’s most profitable series (ahem, The Walking Dead) rides all manner of dangerous vehicles. And damn if this peek into the filming of the next episode, exclusive to E! News, doesn’t make it look like a whole lot of fun.

Not only does Reedus weather plenty of good-natured ribbing from his buddies—we’re still laughing at someone off-camera letting the actor know that he looks like a “young Fran Drescher“—but he’s got jokes of his own! “People think because I’m so dirty on that show that I’m kind of a slob,” he says during a motorcycle ride down La Brea Ave. in Hollywood. LOL!

In Monday’s new episode, entitled “Los Angeles: Joshua Tree,” Reedus rides from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, visits friends including Greg Nicotero‘s studio, and experiences his home away from home in LA, before finding peace and inspiration in Joshua Tree. And if the Ride Diary above is any indication, the trip to the TWD EP’s studio is going to be full of laughs. Just look at Reedus interacting with a rubber dummy double of himself. And keep your ears open for what Nicotero has to say about the accuracy of the color of its beard!

Ride with Norman Reedus airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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