White Trump Supporter Who Says He Was 'Racially Discriminated Against' Blames Starbucks Meltdown On The 'Bad Day' He Was Having

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Donald Trump‘s America gets more f*cked up by the day… and he’s not even in office yet.

On Wednesday, a Trump supporter identified as David Sanguesa flipped out at a Miami Starbucks, screaming about anti-white “discrimination” and calling barista Jennifer Santos “complete trash.”

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What prompted this freakout?! Apparently this man was upset because he wasn’t served his coffee quickly enough.

But on Thursday, he claimed his meltdown was actually the result of a “bad day,” telling the Miami Herald:

“I had a bad day. I was wrong for screaming at her. I have since apologized.”

We all have bad days. That doesn’t give him the right to yell at this poor woman and tell her she’s “garbage.”

Believe it or not, the 53-year-old had even more douchebaggery up his sleeve. He told the Herald that he’s SUING the Coral Gables coffee shop, saying:

“My attorneys want to file a lawsuit. No one saw the first part of the video. I was completely done wrong. I was racially discriminated against. I was refused service. I was wrong to get upset, but I was racially discriminated against. She wouldn’t serve me. She knew I was a Trump supporter and wouldn’t give me my coffee.”

The pissed patron also mentioned to the outlet that he suffers from a mental illness. However, he did not disclose the name of the condition. He did tell WPLG Local 10 that he hadn’t taken his medication that day, but also clarified that his outburst wasn’t related to his illness.

The Herald also revealed David has been charged with domestic violence, as well as multiple DUIs, in the past.

As for the coffee chain, they have since issued a statement on inclusion and discrimination after video of the meltdown went viral, saying:

“Embracing diversity and treating each other with respect and dignity is core to Starbucks values and something our partners take great pride in showing. We are committed to providing an inclusive, supportive and safe work environment for everyone.”

Whatever his mental illness, we seriously hope he gets the help he needs. Because it’s not okay to go around acting like a human turd by treating others like he did!

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