Where Does Madonna's Carpool Karaoke Rank Among James Corden's Other Guests?

She came, she sang, she twerked out the damn window.

Madonna finally joined the growing ranks as James Corden‘s latest Carpool Karaoke guest on last night’s episode of The Late, Late Show, and she did not disappoint. There was voguing, there was some a capella Evita, there was even a cheeky tease about a romantic night with Michael Jackson that left wanting more.

But where does the Queen of Pop rank among all those who’ve ridden shotgun before her? She faces some pretty stiff competition from the likes of Adele, Britney Spears, and Stevie Wonder (to name but a few), but as she’s proved time and again over the course of her 30+ year career, one should never count Madonna out.

To find how she officially fits into our ranking of the pop superstars who’ve joined James for the popular segment, you’ll have to check out our updated gallery. Don’t agree with her placement? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you’re jonesing for even more Madonna, be sure to check out the premiere of her new concert film, Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour, when it premieres Friday, Dec. 9 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

The Late, Late Show airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. on CBS.

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