NFL's Chris Johnson Gets Tupac Cleats, Picture Me Rollin!!!

NFL’s Chris Johnson

Gets 2pac Cleats

Picture Me Rollin!

9/27/2017 4:14 PM PDT


TUPAC LIVES … on Chris Johnson‘s new cleats. 

The AZ Cardinals running back got some custom “Juice” cleats — inspired by the 1992 flick … featuring images of Pac, Omar Epps and the other two guys on the movie poster. 

We spoke with the genius behind the shoes — Desmond “Skilz” Jones — who says CJ2k plans to rock the cleats before and during Sunday’s game against the 49ers. 

Skilz says Johnson hit him up and specifically asked for the movie-inspired paint job … and it took him 10 HOURS to create the final product. 

Pretty sweet, right?  

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