Randy Orton's Tattoo Artists Sues WWE, 2K Games For Stealing Designs

Randy Orton

Tattoo Artist Sues WWE & 2K Games

You Stole My Designs!

4/17/2018 5:08 PM PDT


Randy Orton‘s tattoo artist is suing WWE and 2K Games — the company behind WWE 2K18 — claiming they used her designs without permission.

The woman behind the suit is Catherine Alexander — a tattoo artist from Illinois — who says she’s been tattooing Orton going back to ’03 … and owns the copyrights to the designs.

Problem is, according to Alexander, Orton is depicted in the video games to a tee — tattoos included — and she says that’s copyright infringement.

The artists claims she raised the issue with WWE in 2009 … and was offered $450 for the rights to use the designs.

She says she declined the offer. 

As for the tats in question … Alexander says she gave Orton a tribal tattoo on his upper back … as well as full sleeve with everything from a Bible verse to a dove, skulls and a rose … among others.

FYI — this ain’t the first time we’ve seen a suit like this … LeBron James‘ tattoo artist sued 2K last year … making a similar claim.

It’s unclear exactly how much money Alexander is after … but the game’s a massive success … we’re guessing it’s a lot more than WWE allegedly offered her the first time.

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